Update: Prologue delivered, initial concepts established.

Back in the day a group of SF greats, Poul Anderson, Frank Herbert, Gordon Dickson, Harlan Ellison and Keith Laumer, each wrote a short story based on the same prologue. Apparently (I haven't read them, I'm going off the cover above just like you are) NO TWO ARE EVEN REMOTELY ALIKE. These authors had radically different styles, beliefs, and backgrounds, making it in theory an excellent idea, and the first thing I thought when I found out about it a day or two ago was, "I want to do that." So I did.

I'm putting together an anthology of short stories based on the same yet-to-be-decided premise, and I'm calling on my fellow under-published Pulprev almost-authors to contribute. Stories should abide by Misha Burnett's Five Pillars, but I can let some of them slide if the story's very good. I want well-structured stories ideally a bit closer to 10,000 words than 5,000. Consult with me if you have questions.

Payment will be in exposure and in the joy of the journey, proceeds (I can count on at least ten bucks coming out of this, maybe more) will be donated to a worthy cause, like buying copies of The High Crusade for elementary school libraries (actual worthy cause yet to be decided). Maybe even split it evenly between contributors. It won't be much money and I don't want it to get complicated.

I'm not calling for submissions, I'm hand-picking our contributors, so if your name is on the list I'll publish your story, but I'll touch base with you on structure and clean up grammar and all that (of course I'm going to edit and contribute, I can't let this valuable exposure go by).

I'm hoping to get this out on KDP by mid-June. I'll put together a cover from public domain images to save on costs, though of course if an artist wants to contribute one pro bono I can work with that, and in any case I'd love to have sketches of the authors (do we all allow sketches? some of the following names seem to enjoy their pseudonymity very much). An audiobook version would be nice, especially if we could narrate our own, but that's a lot of work.


Bradford C. Walker

Does a ton of blogging on gaming, fandom, fiction, is working on a novel project.

Jesse Abraham Lucas

Technically I did publish a story in New Realm a long time ago but I'm granting myself an exemption.

Kestutis Kalvaitis

Might want to publish as K.P.? Has a massive backlog of classic movie reviews. Recently published a delightful Bradburyesque. Seems like a nice guy.

Contego Stella

Has an enormous fantasy series that he's working on, seems a little shy, but probably has a unique voice.

Jim Fear

Or do you have to say 138? Is that a pen name? Does podcasts. Likes monster girls. I think he wants to write.

Dominika Lein

Follows Pulprev conversations but doesn't say much. Has something published on Smashwords, might be a little too much exposure, we'll see.

Introduction by:

Rawle Nyanzi

He's big-time now, selling his novella and writing articles for Castalia. Has agreed to contribute an introduction.

Big Idea:

Jasyn Jones

Holds up Five Fates as an example of when SF went wrong. Maybe he's right. Has contributed a prologue.


  1. I have a blogspot I'm starting up too. There aren't any posts yet... but it exists!

  2. Who do I have to kill to get on the list?

      I'm gathering wannabes here, you've got a corpus. I'm the one trying to get on your list.

    2. This is for a scrawnier type of nobody.

      If I pull this off and if it's fun (I think it will be) I'll try to Kickstart something bigger, and I'll be sure to include you in that. And if all goes well I'll have a story of my own crossing your desk soon.

  3. If you want consistent sketches I'll volunteer. I'm looking to make friends in the PulpRev while still working on my first set of stories. If you would like to preview my sketch style check out my blog scribbles:

    1. I brought it up with the writers and we're on board. Email me at